Lakhwinder Wadali reveals people stopped calling him and father Puranchand Wadali after Pyarelal Wadali’s death: Papaji was hurt


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Brothers – Puranchand Wadali and Pyarelal Wadali – started a musical journey in 1975, however their ensemble Wadali Brothers came to a standstill when the latter passed away in 2018. Now, singer Lakhwinder Wadali accompanies his dad, Puranchand, for concerts across the world, to keep their music group and gharana’s lineage alive.

In a way Lakhwinder stepped into the big shoes of his uncle, which was welcomed with several scepticism.

Lakhwinder shares, “People didn’t know how to accept that I will sing with Papaji because everyone missed Chachaji. For some time, we weren’t even called for events. Eventually when we started to perform more together, more people saw us, they realized that this can be good too. And that we too can have chemistry.”

For any artist that face could be extremely rough, when work doesn’t come your way. Ask Lakhwinder how his father reacted when people didn’t approach them for work, he replies, “Papaji was a little hurt but he never expressed it much. He never really tells people about what’s going on in his head and heart. He just shows that he is happy and he stays happy. But of course that phase was difficult and it used to hurt us somewhere. We worked very hard together and made it to the audience through standing ovation’s.”

Currently the duo is touring and will visit Pune at the musical event Pratha. “I am really excited and looking forward to it. We will make sure to do something really special for them, we will give them a special memorable performance. Pune’s audience has always been amazing and very enthusiastic. There was more youth when we performed the last time. And we had a blast. We hope that even this time we see a house full of people and we send them home happy,” he ends.

Catch it Live

What: Pratha by the Wadali Legends

When: November 26

Where: Pheonix Marketcity, Viman Nagar

Time: 7pm

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