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‘The Morning Show’ Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

Dessi Gomez The next season of Apple TV+’s The Morning Show will likely premiere long after the 2024 presidential election has ended,...
HomeEntertainmentKhloé Said She “Probably Would Have Tried” Ozempic If It Was Around...

Khloé Said She “Probably Would Have Tried” Ozempic If It Was Around When She Was “Bigger”

Khloé also detailed her decision to partner with the brand Fabletics, explaining that she’s learned the importance of collaborating with companies that she genuinely endorses.

“Trust me, when people dangle a nice check in front of your face, and you’re supposed to do a post for something? Yes, that’s so enticing, I get it,” she joked.

“When we first started doing this show, I was so excited anyone wanted me for anything!” she said. “I definitely took the money and ran back in the early 2000s.”

“But, you learn your lessons. You also learn the value of your platform [and] how powerful your voice is, and I just don’t wanna throw away people’s money,” she added.

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