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Kartik Aaryan Is ‘Ready’ To Lower His Fees Amid Actors’ Rising Costs Debate: ‘Sabke Ghar Chalne Hai’ – News18


Kartik Aaryan will soon be seen in Chandu Champion.

Kartik Aaryan will soon be seen in Chandu Champion.

Kartik Aaryan said that there are lots of people involved in a film and they all should earn fairly.

The rising costs of actors and how it disrupts a film’s budget have gained spotlight recently. Several filmmakers and producers like Anurag Kashyap and Farah Khan have openly admitted how certain celebrities charge exorbitant amounts for them and their entourage. Amid this, Kartik Aaryan, who is gearing up for the release of his upcoming film, Chandu Champion, said that he is ready to lower his fees as everyone should benefit from the film.

“I have been very conscious about it that my producers or anybody associated with my film has to earn,” Kartik told Film Companion recently. “If a star is getting that value of a revenue from digital rights, satellite rights, or from theatrical business… if that adds up, I think there is the scope of getting some kind of fees, but if it doesn’t, then you have to lower your price.”

He added, “I don’t work with the mindset that saari duniya mein kuch ho, main toh kamaunga (whatever happens to the rest, I must earn). It can’t be like I’m the only one who’s earning. My producers and directors are aware of this and I am sure that a lot of actors are also doing that. It is good for the larger ecosystem. Apart from the reviews, we also need box-office numbers.”

“Main hamesha apni fee kam karne ko ready rehta hoon (I am always ready to reduce my fee)… Because there are lots and lots of people involved in the film and sabke ghar chalne hai. Sabke gharpe kaam hona chhaiye (everyone should earn their livelihood). Day and night, everybody’s working so hard. So everyone needs some kind of profitability,” he said.

Speaking to News18 Showsha earlier, Kartik said that he was given producer credit for the film Shehzada as he did not take any fee. “I got a producer credit in the film because I let go of my fee. I did this when no one was talking about these things. Because they were falling short of finances, I let go off my remuneration. No one writes this about stars. It is not just me, a lot of stars do this and a lot bigger things. There is a simple mathematics. From directors, actors, to producers, everyone wants their films to work. No one wants to load their films. I don’t think anyone thinks, ‘No no, I will charge what I want to, film jaaye bhaad mein (the film be damned)’,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kartik Aaryan’s fans are excited to watch him in Chandu Champion soon. The film will be released on June 14.

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