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Justin Bieber’s fans fume over his paycheck for Indian wedding hosted by Ambani amid opulence criticism

Justin Bieber’s latest performance has sparked outrage – not for the music, but for the hefty price tag. Fans are seething after it came to light that he earned a massive sum for a private show at the pre-wedding celebration of an Indian billionaire’s son. This luxurious event, already facing criticism for its opulence, has Bieber‘s followers labelling it as ‘tasteless.’ It’s reported that the dad-to-be pocketed a staggering $10 million, as per reports.

Justin Bieber wore his signature white vest to the Ambani sangeet.
Justin Bieber wore his signature white vest to the Ambani sangeet.

Justin Bieber’s paycheck at Ambani’s wedding leaves fans divided

Justin Bieber’s sky-high paycheck for Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s pre-wedding has sparked a wave of criticism. Fans across the Atlantic are deeply divided. Some Beliebers feel Bieber phoned it in for such a massive sum, with chatter swirling online about a lacklustre performance and an “underwear flashing” appearance. On the other hand, some are directing their anger towards the Ambani family, describing the event as a tasteless display of wealth and suggesting the funds could have been more wisely invested in development projects in India.

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“Sickening. The Indian billionaire could spend that money helping to rescue the tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of children in his country that are sex trafficked,” a user commented on X (formerly Twitter). However, the claim was instantly contradicted by a second person who said, “The Ambanis are actually very philanthropic. Their Reliance Foundation has done a lot of good in rural India.”

Another person added, “Tasteless display of $$$,” and “Awful message for society today,” while others said, “If they are billionaires and ask for his services, he’s the one that sets the price. Nothing controversial or illegal here.”

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Many felt it was unfairly simple for the Baby crooner to earn such a large sum for essentially doing nothing more than lip-syncing and appearing briefly. The 30-year-old, who flew back to Miami shortly after his performance, shared photos and videos from the event on Instagram on Saturday night.

“Bieber said I ain’t gonna shave or nothing. Just wear a white tank and show up and do my thing. What a flex. Easy,” one more added. “Justin Beiber gets $10 million to flash his underwear at Ambani Sangeet. Some people have all the luck….” another posted. “You have money doesn’t mean you are a gentleman,” pointed out an angry user.

Justin Bieber is now the highest paid artist at Ambani’s wedding

Justin, who canceled his Justice World Tour last year after being diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, earned $10 million for a private performance. In comparison, Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Beyoncé, who have previously performed at Ambani’s weddings, reportedly earned around $8.5 million, $5.3 million, and $4 million respectively. The Canadian singer wowed the crowd with his performance at the couple’s sangeet ceremony, held at the Jio Convention Centre in Mumbai on Friday night.

On the personal front, the artist is soon going to welcome his first child with his wife, Hailey Bieber. The duo announced the news just a month ago before renewing their wedding vows in Hawaii.

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