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Jana Kramer Shares Why She’s Walking Down the Aisle Alone for Allan Russell Wedding – E! Online

But while she’ll walk down the aisle solo, her kids will have each other, as she noted, “I’m going to have them walk together.”

The actress announced her engagement to Allan, 43, in May 2023, about six months after they began their relationship.

And amid their whirlwind romance, Jana reflected on how it marked a new beginning for her. “Allan is the first person who I didn’t feel like I had to defend my past,” she explained on her podcast that same month. “Like normally, I went on this one date with this guy, and he was like, ‘So you’ve been married a lot,’ and that’s always kind of been the conversation.”

Explaining the “embarrassment” she’s felt having been divorced three times, she expressed the joy she feels in embarking on her life with Allan.

“I feel in my soul that I have my happily ever after,” she added. “And I’m so grateful now for those past relationships that have led me to Allan.”

Look back at Jana’s family photos over the years…

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