Jammu and Kashmir’s Keran village beckons travellers with open arms


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Keran, a border tehsil of Kupwara district, nestled along the banks of the Kishenganga River (Neelum River), has long been a hidden gem, unknown to many. Acting as the line of control between Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (POK) and Jammu and Kashmir, this region is now gaining attention for all the right reasons, tourism, peace, and development.

For travellers seeking a glimpse of the untouched beauty of the Neelam Valley, the village of Keran beckons with open arms. (Unsplash )
For travellers seeking a glimpse of the untouched beauty of the Neelam Valley, the village of Keran beckons with open arms. (Unsplash )

For travellers seeking a glimpse of the untouched beauty of the Neelam Valley, the village of Keran beckons with open arms.

The journey to this paradise takes travellers through the mesmerizing Firkiyan Gali at an altitude of 9634 ft. The breathtaking 360-degree view from the Firkiyan top leaves visitors in awe, with lush green forests, meadows, and glistening streams creating a truly enchanting experience. (Also Read | Long Weekends in August 2023: The complete list and places you can visit)

As travellers venture deeper into Keran, they are greeted by the unique architecture of wooden houses that have withstood the test of time. These architectural marvels stand tall as a testament to the rich heritage of the region and must be preserved for generations to come.

Recently, the Government of India took a significant decision to bring border areas like Keran, Gurez, Tangdhar, Machil, and Bangus onto the tourism map. This decision has sparked happiness among the local population, as it promises peace, development, and economic growth to the region. The Indian Army, known for its humanitarian efforts, has been actively supporting the local population, guiding Keran towards peace and prosperity.

One of the visitors, Adiyate Nigam from Delhi, shared his unique experience during his visit to Keran, travelling on a motorcycle. He expressed his delight at discovering this hidden spot located at the line of control, making his journey an unforgettable one. The thrill of reaching such a serene destination on two wheels added to the magic of the place.

The influx of tourists has not only provided a boost to the economy but also opened new opportunities for locals to showcase their warm hospitality. Homestay facilities and camping tents with all basic amenities have been set up to accommodate visitors, ensuring they experience the true essence of the region’s culture and lifestyle.

Local residents of Keran expressed their gratitude to the government for introducing their village on the tourism map. They believe that this newfound attention will paint their far-flung area on a broader canvas, leading to progress and prosperity for generations to come.

With the region’s pristine beauty, historical significance, and warm hospitality, Keran has emerged as a must-visit destination for travellers seeking an escape from the mundane. As more tourists venture into this hidden paradise, there is hope that the delicate balance between preserving its natural heritage and embracing development will be maintained, ensuring that Keran remains a cherished gem on the tourism map for years to come.

This story has been published from a wire agency feed without modifications to the text.

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