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International Picnic Day 2023: Date, history, significance and ways to celebrate this day

International Picnic Day is a delightful occasion dedicated to the simple joy of picnicking in the outdoors. It is a time to gather with loved ones, savour delicious food, and enjoy the beauty of nature while creating lasting memories. Positioned conveniently in the heart of June, this celebration invites us to relish good weather and sunshine while savouring a delightful meal in the great outdoors. However, even if the weather doesn’t cooperate, an indoor picnic can be a charming alternative. So, prepare your picnic basket, spread a blanket on the floor, and revel in the simple pleasure of celebrating International Picnic Day. From history to significance, here is all you need to know about this day. (Also read: Creating lasting memories: Tips to plan the perfect family vacation )

Celebrate the joy of outdoor dining and togetherness with International Picnic Day.(Ioana Ye on Unsplash)
Celebrate the joy of outdoor dining and togetherness with International Picnic Day.(Ioana Ye on Unsplash)

International Picnic Day 2023 Date:

International Picnic Day is observed on June 18th each year. Since it falls on a Sunday, it provides a wonderful opportunity for all family members to be at home and enjoy the perfect occasion of gathering outdoors for a delightful picnic experience.

History of International Picnic Day

The term “picnic” finds its roots in the French word “pique-nique,” and its popularity surged in France after the revolution, providing an opportunity to enjoy informal outdoor meals in the country’s royal parks. These leisurely gatherings transformed into elaborate social events in 19th-century England, as depicted in Jane Austen’s novels, featuring elaborate menus with days of preparation.

Picnics have also taken on symbolic significance, representing the unity of common people during political protests, such as the Pan-European Picnic in 1989 that played a part in the fall of the Iron Curtain. In 2009, Lisbon set a record for the largest picnic recorded by hosting over 20,000 participants, recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records.

International Picnic Day significance

International Picnic Day holds great significance as a celebration of togetherness, nature, and the simple joys of outdoor dining. It serves as a reminder to pause from our busy lives, gather with loved ones, and create lasting memories while enjoying delicious food in beautiful surroundings. This special day encourages us to appreciate the beauty of nature, foster connections with family and friends, and embrace the relaxation and rejuvenation that comes from spending time outdoors. International Picnic Day reminds us to cherish these moments of shared happiness and create a sense of harmony with the world around us.

Ways to celebrate International Picnic Day:

  • Gather your loved ones and head to a nearby park or beach for a fun-filled picnic outing.
  • Prepare a delicious picnic basket filled with your favourite snacks, sandwiches, fruits, and refreshing beverages.
  • Don’t forget to bring a cosy blanket or picnic mat to spread out and enjoy your meal in the great outdoors.
  • Engage in outdoor games and activities like frisbee, badminton, or a leisurely walk to make the day even more enjoyable.
  • Capture beautiful moments by taking photos or creating a scrapbook to commemorate your International Picnic Day celebration.
  • Embrace the tranquillity of nature by immersing yourself in the surroundings, listening to the sounds of birds chirping and feeling the gentle breeze.
  • Explore new picnic spots or venture out to a scenic location you’ve been longing to visit.
  • Disconnect from technology and fully immerse yourself in the company of your loved ones and the beauty of nature.
  • Take this opportunity to relax, unwind, and appreciate the simple pleasures of good food, laughter, and quality time spent together.

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