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India, Austria share values like liberty & equality: PM Modi speaks to Indian diaspora | India News – Times of India

TOI News Desk

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday addressed the Indian diaspora in Austria. Amid the chants of ‘Modi, Modi’, the Prime minister said that that the world sees India with great hope and everyone across the globe wants to learn more about the country.
PM Modi‘s trip to Vienna marks the first visit by an Indian Prime Minister to Austria in 41 years, commemorating the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two nations.
Here are the top quotes from his speech-

  • PM Modi told Democracy connects India and Austria. “India and Austria are geographically on two different ends, but we have many similarities,” the PM said.
  • On geographical and cultural ties between India and Austria, PM Modi said, “Geographically, India and Austria are located on two different ends. But there are a lot of similarities between us – democracy connects our two countries. Liberty, equality, pluralism, and respect for the rule of law are our shared values. Our two societies are multicultural and multilingual. Both countries have the habit of celebrating diversity.”
  • PM spoke about recent Lok Sabha elections and said, “In the recent election, 650 million people voted and results were declared within hours. It is the power of our electoral democracy.”
  • Talking about prosperity and describing India’s global contribution, PM said, “India has given Buddha to the world, not war. It means India has always given peace and prosperity to the world.”
  • Speaking on the historic visit, PM Modi said, “This is my first visit to Austria. The enthusiasm I can see here is wonderful. After 41 years, an Indian PM has arrived here.”
  • “This wait has ended on a historic occasion. Perhaps many of you don’t know that India and Austria are celebrating 75 years of their friendship,” PM Modi said.
  • Speaking on cultural and historical connections, PM Modi said, “Like India, Austria has a rich and varied culture and history. India and Austria have historical connections, and this has benefited both countries.”
  • PM Modi also spoke on the economic growth of India saying, “India is growing at a rate of 8 per cent. Today, we are among the top five global economies, but we will soon be among the top three. I had promised that I will make India the third largest economy in my third term.”
  • At a community event in Vienna, PM Modi said, “Today, more than 150 Austrian companies are working in different sectors in India. I hope that in the time to come, the companies and investors from here will expand more and more in India.
  • On the vision for the future, PM Modi said, “I am not just working hard to be among the top three global economies; my mission is 2047. India will celebrate 100 years of its Independence in 2047 as a developed nation.”
  • While concluding his speech, PM Modi said, “Today, India is working towards being the best, the brightest, achieving the biggest, and reaching the highest milestones.”

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