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Ignored Pakistan Star Umar Akmal Flaunts Abs On Social Media, Fans Correct His English Caption | Cricket News

As the Pakistan cricket team fights for its survival in the T20 World Cup 2024, one of its discarded stars Umar Akmal became the talk of the town on social media. As many Pakistan stars have suffered criticism, owing to their poor show in the ongoing T20 World Cup, Umar shared a post flaunting his abs. Fitness has been one of the weakest points for Pakistan cricketers traditionally, and many current stars, especially Azam Khan, have been criticised for their poor fitness standards.

Umar, who hasn’t been in the scheme of things for Pakistan’s senior team for a long time, decided to flaunt his abs on social media, showcasing his fitness standards, silencing those who feel he is out of the team due to poor physical health.

However, fans didn’t buy Umar’s pictures instantly, with some suggesting that the abs in the picture are fake, and a few others said that they are ‘AI-generated’. Some even corrected his English.Here are some reactions:

The current Pakistan team has faced severe criticism owing to its poor performances in the two completed games so far. In fact, Pakistan legend Wasim Akram has asked for a new team to be deployed, as he has given up on the current crop of players.

“Enough is enough. We need changes now. Bring in a new team, six to seven players and then back them through losses so they can develop as a team. It’s time for the PCB chairman to take a bold step. We keep hearing [of the team] that this guy isn’t talking to that guy, or that guy isn’t talking to him. This was the best New York pitch so far, it wasn’t that difficult. How difficult was it to chase 120?” Akram said.

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