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Joe Fedewa

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra's home screen.
Justin Duino / How-To Geek

You can start video calls from Google Meet, which is integrated into the Phone app on most popular devices, including Samsung Galaxy devices. Simply find the person you’d like to call and tap the “Video” button. Android devices can receive FaceTime calls, but they can’t make them.

In a world dominated by FaceTime, the question of how to video call on Android is a valid one. The good news is there isn’t just one video-calling option. Some are better—and easier—than others. Let’s get video chatting.

How to Do a Video Call on Android

Many of the most popular Android devices—including Samsung Galaxy devices—have Google Meet built into the Phone app. It’s not quite as universal as FaceTime on iPhones, but it’s the closest equivalent. That’s what we’ll be using here.

To use this method, you simply need to have Google Meet installed on your device. Many Android devices come with it pre-installed as a system app, but you can also install Google Meet from the Play Store. (If the person you want to call has an iPhone, they can install Google Meet from Appl’se App Store.) We’ll show how to use it from the Google Phone app and Samsung’s Phone app.

Video Call With Samsung Phone App

First, open the “Phone” app and find the person you’d like to video call.

Select a person to call.

The contact will expand to reveal a few options, including a Google Meet shortcut. This will be grayed out if you don’t have Meet installed.

If the person does not have Google Meet set up, you’ll have the option to send them an invite.

Tap "Compose an Invite."

If the person does have Google Meet, it will go straight to a typical calling screen. Your video is visible before they answer.

Google Meet calling screen.

During the call, you have a number of options and effects at your disposal from the bottom bar and three-dot menu.

Google Meet video call features.

When you’re done with the call, simply tap the red end call button.

That’s all there is to it. This is a pretty simple way to make video calls on Android.

Video Call With Google Phone App

First, open the Google Phone app and select the person you’d like to video call.

Select a person to call.

Next, tap the “Video” shortcut. The icon will be grayed out if you don’t have Google Meet installed.

Tap the "Video" button.

If the person you’re trying to call doesn’t have Google Meet set up, you can send them an invite.

Tap "Compose an Invite."

When calling people who do have Google Meet, it will go straight to a typical calling screen. Your video is visible before they answer.

Google Meet calling screen.

In the video call, you have a number of options and effects that can be accessed from the bottom bar and three-dot menu.

Google Meet video call features.

When you’re done with the call, simply tap the red end call button.

That’s it! Google Meet is a super simple video-calling app, but that’s what makes it easy to use.

What Happened to Google Duo?

Google Duo was merged with Google Meet in late 2022. Prior to the merger, Duo was essentially Google’s version of FaceTime—a simple, casual video-calling app. Google Meet, meanwhile, existed separately as a service similar to Zoom for video conferencing.

Now, there is just one video calling app called Google Meet. Google Duo was rebranded as “Google Meet,” and the old Meet app was labeled “Google Meet (original)”—it will eventually be removed entirely. The important thing is that if you were a Google Duo user, you don’t have to do anything. Users of the old Google Meet can download the new version for iPhoneiPad, and Android.

Best Android Video Calling Apps

The Google Play Store offers a wide selection of apps that are capable of doing video calls. As with any messaging service, the best one is the one the people you want to talk to are using. However, we’ll share a few of our favorites below.

Google Meet

Google Meet images.

Google Meet is as close to FaceTime as Android users can get. Since it only requires a Google account—which is also required to use the Play Store—most Android don’t have to do anything special to use it. Beyond convenience, it also has great features and can have up to 100 people in a call.

Download: Google Meet


Telegram User Making a Audio and Video Call
Khamosh Pathak / How-To Geek

If privacy is a concern, you might want to go with Telegram for video calling. Everything is encrypted in Telegram, including video calls. Unlike Signal, Telegram syncs across devices, which makes it much more user-friendly. Video calls are just one part of a full-feature messaging experience.

Download: Telegram


WhatsApp images.

WhatsApp is a super popular messaging app that can also do video calls. You’re limited to up to eight people in a call, but that’s probably not a big deal for personal chats. WhatsApp also boasts better security than some other video calling apps. If you or your friends already use WhatsApp, it makes sense to use it for video calling too.

Download: WhatsApp


Zoom images.

Zoom is very similar to Google Meet, but with one big difference—your recipients don’t technically even need an account. Anyone with the invite link can join from Zoom on the web. Zoom is geared more toward work meetings, but it’s great for personal video calls as well.

Download: Zoom

How to Video Call Android to iPhone

Video calling from Android to iPhone is a simple matter of using the same app. Since there’s no native Android-only video calling service, you are free to use whichever one you’d like. All of the apps mentioned in the “Best Android Video Calling Apps” are available for both Android and iPhone.

Apps such as Google Meet, Telegram, and Zoom don’t require specific platforms. Once you have an account, you can be called by anyone else with an account, whether they’re using an Android phone, iPhone, iPad, Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC, Mac, or Chromebook. It’s simply a matter of getting your friends and family to all use the same app.

FaceTime can be used on Android, but the calls must be initiated by an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. If your family or friend group is dead set on FaceTime, they will always need to be the ones making the calls. More on this in the section below.

Can You FaceTime on Android?

Technically, it is possible to use FaceTime on Android. You can accept FaceTime calls from iPhone users through the “FaceTime Link” feature. Android phones can’t initiate FaceTime calls to iPhone users.

iPhone and iPad users can send a FaceTime Link to any device, including not only Android, but Windows as well. The link opens a FaceTime call in the browser. The quality is not as good as a native FaceTime call on iOS or macOS, but it works. No more missing out on FaceTime calls from iPhone friends.

Video calling on Android is a much more open-ended experience than iPhone. While you can use plenty of third-party video calling apps on iPhone, FaceTime is the much more popular option. For better or worse, Android gives you more choices.

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