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How To Farm Tech Points In Soulmask – Gamer Tweak

Shreyansh Shah

Soulmask has many game mechanics that players must understand if they want to navigate through it quickly. One of these would be Tech Points, which will help you unlock numerous items from the Technology tree. While it is not that difficult, the game lacks information on this section, and players find it tedious to farm tech points in Soulmask.

Progression and survival are daunting in Soulmask, and without the right tools, players will need to level up evenly to raise their Awareness Strength. While your tribesmen will help you with numerous work, they won’t be helpful regarding tech points. Our guide has covered everything you will need to farm those points, so you won’t have to scavenge every item available on the map.

How to Get Tech Points in Soulmask

To get Tech Points in Soulmask, players must find as many Lorestones as they are available across the map. They are available in dungeons, hidden locations, and many other places on the map.

Soulmask How To Get Tech PointsSoulmask How To Get Tech Points
Image via Steam

While it sounds all easy, exploring the map and the base building operations would be troublesome. Fortunately, you can always tame NPCs to get more tribesmen and assign them some work while exploring.

Fortunately, players will not have to compromise on any of the technology in Soulmask since there are enough tech points to unlock them all. All players have to do is progress in the game, and while they are at it, look for these Lorestones in all the nooks and crannies on the map. They are available worldwide, so don’t worry if the exploration is slow since you will get them all soon.

That’s all you will need to get tech points in Soulmask. If you found this guide helpful, check out our other Soulmask guides in our dedicated section while you are here at Gamer Tweak.

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