How Food Can Expand Your Horizons While Travelling


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Vartika Srivastava

Food is becoming an integral part of our travel getaways. Instead of looking for the usual mainstream dishes, travellers today are largely inclined towards tasting local food specialties of the destination they are going to.

We totally recommend you explore local foods while travelling. Here’s how, and why.

Experiment With New Tastes

Discovering new foods can be a delight, especially if you are a foodie. Every place has its own range of local and popular dishes. Traveling for food exposes you to a wide variety of cuisine experimentations.

Food Introduces Cultures

You can tell a lot about a culture from the food. Every place and its people share a common cultural identity that is strongly influenced by their food choices and culinary heritage. Therefore, learning about the regional cuisine and traditional food items of an area lets one understand the history, culture, and way of life in a certain place.

Food Instills Connections

Culinary travel unites people as they love to bond over food. When visiting a new destination, the best way you can befriend the locals is by eating with them and engaging in a conversation about local cuisine. You can ask them about the stories behind the dishes and how each one of them have made an impact. Conversations around food can be a great idea to make new connections, more so if you are on a solo trip.

A New Twist

The food you eat can be similar, but the way it is made, served, and eaten can be completely different in different places. Traveling for food lets us indulge in familiar treats but in interesting ways. You can try out new food experiments and share it forward with your friends and family as well. The local twist makes it a food specialty, and as a traveler you must definitely relish the mouth-watering treats.

Discover Hidden Gems

There are food joints that are pretty famous and have been covered by media and people a lot. But, the beauty of culinary travel allows you to explore the unexplored. Talking to locals and asking them for restaurant and food recommendations can be a really good idea to experience places that are yet hidden from the limelight.

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