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Grammarly Cuts Writing Out of the Writing Process

Andrew Heinzman

Instead of proofreading your work, GrammarlyGO will write it.

Asking GrammarlyGo to write an announcement for a new job.

Inspired by ChatGPT, Grammarly is launching an AI composition tool that automatically writes or rewrites content based on user input and context clues. This tool, called GrammarlyGO, will be available to both paid and free Grammarly users in April of 2023.

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Grammarly already uses AI to detect grammatical problems (and offer solutions) while you write. It can also guess the tone, context, or readability of writing. Spinning this advanced AI into an auto-composition tool only makes sense—in fact, it may be a priority, as generative AI will soon be integrated into Windows and Google.

Like ChatGPT, GrammarlyGO can spit out paragraphs of text based on your input. You can ask it to compose an email, a job listing, a book summary, or anything else your heart desires. Once GrammarlyGO generates a passage, you can ask it to revise the text to match a certain tone or length. (So, instead of checking your work with Grammarly, you’ll check Grammarly’s work!)

But the real appeal of GrammarlyGO is its desktop and browser integration. This tool is available at all times, meaning that you don’t need to open a special website just to use generative AI. Additionally, GrammarlyGO has some predictive powers—if you receive an email for a job offer, for example, GrammarlyGO will understand the email and ask if you’re interested in the job, generating a response based on your answer.

And GrammarlyGO has its fair share of editing tools. It can rewrite or shorten passages that you’ve written, or automatically adjust the voice of your writing to match a company’s guidelines. You can also use GrammarlyGO as a brainstorming partner, similar to how some people use ChatGPT.

Based on my experience with generative AI (and the Grammarly service), GrammarlyGO will not be a replacement for real writing. Instead, it will be an assistive writing tool that occasionally saves you from pecking out an email. (That said, I haven’t tested GrammarlyGO.)

GrammarlyGO enters open beta this April. It will be available to all Grammarly users, including free users and anyone on a school or business plan.


Use AI to improve your writing for free with Grammarly.

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