Google Now Offers the Most Affordable VPN Service


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Andrew Heinzman

The Google One VPN is now available to all subscribers.

The Google One logo above a photo of the Pixel 5a smartphone.
Justin Duino / Google

Looking for an affordable VPN? Google now offers its VPN service to all Google One subscribers, including those on the cheapest $1.99 tier. The Google One VPN works on all platforms, and you can share it with up to five friends or family members.

The Google One VPN debuted in 2020 as an exclusive perk for subscribers on the 2TB through 30TB storage plans (and Pixel 7 owners). But today’s change makes Google One the cheapest VPN provider (with a well-known name, at least). Other VPN services like Surfshark and Private Internet Access start at just over $2 a month, while NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and Mullvad cost about twice as much.

Of course, this isn’t a super advanced VPN. It’s fast and lightweight, but it doesn’t let you set a virtual location or perform other complicated tasks. So, Google One VPN will increase your privacy online, and it can protect you when using public Wi-Fi, but it won’t let you access Korea’s version of Netflix.

There’s a decent chance that you already have a Google One subscription. This is the same subscription package that Google uses for Drive and Photos cloud storage. If you’re already a Google One subscriber, open the Google One app on your phone and press the “Benefits tab.” Then, find VPN and select “View Details” to enable the VPN.

Note that this rollout could take a few days. If the Google One VPN isn’t available on your account, sit tight, as it’ll reach you eventually.

Google One

A Google One subscription gets you up to 30TB of Google Drive and Photos storage, which you may share with up to five other people.

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