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Global sustainability venture fund Bidra receives $200M funding from UM6P, OCP Group

Pooja Malik ( )

Bidra Innovation Ventures (Bidra) received $200 million in funding from Morocco-based Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) and the OCP Group to back sustainable technology in India and emerging markets.

The initiative will expand Bidra’s investment scope to include innovations in sustainable agriculture, energy, water, and other climate technologies to focus on emerging markets like India, Africa, and others.

The funding comes a year after Bidra launched a $50 million fund backed by the same investors focused on agriculture.

“We are grateful for UM6P’s visionary leadership and support, as we continue to back innovators forging the future via sustainable technologies for Africa and beyond. Having OCP’s support is a tremendous advantage because now we can extend OCP’s regional know-how and distribution capacity to startups ready to scale,” Amar Singh, Head of Group, Bidra Innovation Ventures, said.

Bidra—a San Francisco, California, and Ben Guerir, Morocco-based venture capital firm, invests in sustainable technologies for Africa and beyond. It is stage-agnostic and invests in other GPs active in the energy, water, mining, and agriculture sectors.

Companies backed by Bidra not only benefit from the financial resources of UM6P and the OCP Group but also from the organisations’ domain expertise and expansive global footprint.

The VC firm is an active investor in Bengaluru-based agricultural robotics startup Niqo Robotics, which focuses on AI-powered sustainable spot spraying technology.

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