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“Gandalf The Grey Fell Off Stage And Straight Onto Me,” Recalls Shocked London Theatregoer

“Gandalf The Grey Fell Off Stage And Straight Onto Me,” Recalls Shocked London Theatregoer

Caroline Frost

A London theatregoer has described the moment Sir Ian McKellen fell off stage and into her lap, saying she “went into shock.”

Johanna Dart was attending a production of Player Kings at the Noel Coward Theatre in London’s West End on Monday evening when the Lord of the Rings star lost his footing during a fight scene and fell off the stage into the front row where she was sitting.

Dart told the BBC: “Getting crushed by Gandalf the Grey, that’s something you don’t expect.”

She recalled that the 85-year-old theatrical knight appeared to trip on a prop on stage before falling and landing head-first on her knees. She added she had been enjoying the show immensely up until that moment.

Charlie Johnson, a journalist for the Kingston Courier who was in the audience, told ITV News: “As we approached the interval of the play, there was a fight scene going on.

“There were strobe lights and then it all went dark, at which point you could see the silhouette of Sir Ian come out from the wings. And the way the stage works at the Noel Coward, there’s sort of a step down just as the stage meets the audience.

“I think what happened was he put his foot too far, sort of went off that initial step, at which point he lost his balance and pretty much just went head-first into the audience.

“And within seconds a blood-curdling scream arose from the actor. He was clearly in a lot of pain, he was screaming, ‘Help me.’”

Straight after the incident, McKellen was treated by paramedics and taken to hospital. The following two evening’s performances were cancelled, and it has now been announced he will not be returning to the production.

Dart went home with her family but also attended hospital later that night.

The Sun reports a statement by McKellen through his publicist Clair Dobbs saying: “After three nights in hospital, the effects of my fall onstage have been fully analysed and I’m now having physiotherapy, light exercise and a lot of essential rest at home.

“Meanwhile, my part in Player Kings is filled by the redoubtable David Semark supported by Robert Icke’s amazing production and cast.”

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