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Found: A Luxurious Cold Plunge That—Gasp—Turned Me Into a Cold-Plunge Person

Francesca Krempa

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Despite cold plunging and at-home contrast therapy having a moment, I’m not a cold-plunge person. I tried two years ago to really get into it when I tested the Ice Barrel, which, I admit, did help soothe my achy joints in the few weeks I tested it. But if I’m being honest, I never really liked doing the act of cold plunging itself. Did I feel great after? Yeah. But did I feel like a miserable popsicle on the verge of hypothermia during my dip? Yep, sure did. Sorry, Wim Hof.

So when I was offered the opportunity to test Hydragun’s fancy-schmancy new Superplunge Plunge Tub ($2,999), I didn’t exactly jump at the chance. After a season of skiing, my knees were hurting me again and I knew the reported benefitsimproved immunity, reduced cortisol levels2, less inflammation3—were probably worth the pain. But the thought of climbing into icy cold water to shiver for the sake of a story was less than appealing. Still, I accepted the challenge and am proud to report that I, a self-proclaimed non-cold-plunge person am now a cold-plunge evangelist. For that, I have Hydragyun to thank.

About the Hydragun Superplunge

The Supertub offers a luxurious and rejuvenating experience right in the comfort of your home. The tub itself utilizes a sturdy yet lightweight inflatable design that makes assembly and plunging easy. Its chilliness is powered by an advanced Permafrost™ chiller that maintains the perfect temperature (between 37°F and 108°F, depending on your preference) and circulates the water, so you’re always ready to plunge into a revitalizing oasis whenever you need it.

Hydragun Supertub 0.6 — $2,999.00

Includes: Supertub tub, cover, and storage bag, component kit, accessories kit (electric pump, mat, phone mount, skimmer net), Permafrost chiller kit, and water balancing kit.

Weight: 21lbs

Material: Military-grade marine vinyl

Volume: 61 gallons

Dimensions: 52″x28″x24″

  • Fairly easy to assemble and move around thanks to the inflatable design
  • Comfortable and spacious
  • Doubles as a cold plunge and hot tub
  • Chiller is easy to customize
  • App-connectivity for remote control
  • No lead time and free 30-day returns
  • Two-year warranty
  • Expensive
  • Can be a little confusing to set up alone
  • Requires a shady outdoor area if you’re using outdoors

While the tub itself is impressive, the Permafrost™ chiller is the real star of the show. It currently comes in two horsepowers—0.6 HP ($2,999), which is better for temperate climates, and 0.8 HP ($4,999), which is better for hotter climates—both of which are energy-efficient enough to leave it running 24/7. Each chiller also comes with a self-cleaning system to keep your water fresh and gunk-free. On top of two physical mesh filters for things like hair and dirt, there’s also a commercial-grade ozone generator that disinfects water, keeping it free of the gross things you can’t see, like bacteria, algae, and mold. All of this comes in a portable design that’s small-space friendly, proving that mighty things come in small packages.

Hydragun Superplunge review: My honest thoughts

Set up

My Superplunge setup arrived shortly after confirming my order in several packages, including a large, wooden crate. Per the instructions, I began assembly with the tub first, which took some time to get fully pumped up. Pro tip: fully charge your cordless electric air pump before you want to set it up. Mine didn’t come completely charged, which extended the normal 20-minute assembly time.

Photo: Author

Once I had enough juice to get my tub and detachable lid fully inflated, it was time to fill it with water and connect the chiller. This part is a little more technical and the included written instructions are a tad bit confusing, so I followed along with the brand’s step-by-step video instructions, which are a godsend. The hardest part is connecting the two hoses from the chiller to the tub—one to suck water into the chiller, and one to circulate it back out—which can get tricky when tightening the valves. But once they’re properly connected and the filter is popped, you’re good to go.

Hydragun touts that all of this can be set up in 15 minutes but it took me, from start to finish, about an hour. Between having to charge my electronic air pump, checking the video instructions, and making sure everything was assembled correctly, it took me about 60 minutes start to finish. This could be longer or shorter, depending on how tech-savvy and handy you are.

My experience

Once everything was ready to go, I plugged my chiller into my outdoor electrical outlet and booted it up. The touchscreen is fairly easy to use—there’s a sliding thermometer that allows you to set your desired temperature—the compressor will automatically heat or cool your water depending on what temperature you choose and what the temperature of the water already is. Once it reaches your desired temp, it will automatically hold it there, too.

I opted to start with Hydragun’s recommended beginner-friendly temp of 50°F. Since my water temperature came out of the hose at 56°F, I didn’t have to wait very long before my tub was ready for plunging. How quickly it cooled down water surprised me—I waited maybe 15 minutes before my plunge was flowing consistently at 50°F, got in my bathing suit, and begrudgingly crawled inside.

What I love: Being able to lie down

My immediate thought was, “Why am I doing this again?” until I was fully submerged and lying in the tub as I would my regular bathtub. After about a minute or so of acclimating to the frigid water, I realized I was much more relaxed compared to all the times I plunged into the Ice Barrel. While the Ice Barrel (which is shaped like a 55-gallon drum) allows you to dip yourself into it, you can’t really lean back or sprawl out. If you’re tall like me, the most you can do is crouch there for the duration of your plunge.

In the Superplunge, you can actually lie back and relax, which is a much more pleasurable experience. While it’s not big enough for me to stretch my legs out completely straight, I’m totally comfortable with them slightly bent. It’s way more comfortable than crouching down and holding yourself underwater, and I’ve found that by not worrying about having to prop myself up, I’m fully able relax in the moment and focus on my breathing—which is the point of getting into it in the first place.

The cold *and* hot settings

One of the standout features of the Supertub Cold Plunge is its incredible versatility in temperature control, offering both heating and cooling capabilities. Yes, it’s marketed as a cold plunge and I use it as a cold plunge BUT—if you really want to—it doubles as a hot tub. The heating feature warms the water up to a cozy 108°F, ideal for relaxing sore muscles and enhancing circulation.

Grant it, it takes a while for the water to heat up or cool down from one extreme temperature to the other. (It took my tub about a full day to go from 50°F to 105°F when I tested it, so keep that in mind when planning your plunge schedule.) Still, this dual functionality makes the Supertub a year-round essential, catering to my body’s needs no matter the season.

Its convenience

What has turned me into a cold plunger, though, is how convenient it is to use. This is truly a set-it-and-forget-it product—once you set it up and choose your temperature, it’s good to go. There’s no daily draining, no adding ice, no lugging a tub in and out. As long as it’s in a sheltered area (or indoors), you can let it run until you’re ready to plunge. Speaking of…

One of the features I love most is its energy efficiency, which allows it to run 24/7 without driving up my utility bills. This round-the-clock availability means I can seamlessly integrate hydrotherapy into my schedule, enjoying the benefits whenever I need them most. The tub’s energy-efficient design saves me money *and* aligns with my eco-conscious lifestyle, making it a win-win.

It’s also incredibly user-friendly. I can easily adjust the settings with just a few taps, and the tub maintains the desired temperature consistently. Plus, its compact design fits perfectly in my home without taking up too much space—there’s no complicated installation or special plumbing, and is ready to use right out of the box. I have mine set up on my back patio and it’s ready to go, whenever I am.


If anything else, this gadget is so easy to take care of. One of the things I appreciate most is the included water balancing kit, which takes the guesswork out of keeping the water clean and safe. The kit comes with everything I need to ensure the water’s pH levels are perfectly balanced, preventing any skin irritation and keeping the tub in top condition. With clear instructions and easy-to-use tools, I can quickly test and adjust the water, giving me peace of mind that my Supertub is always ready for use.

Another aspect that makes maintenance a cinch is the straightforward filter replacement process. The Supertub is equipped with high-quality filters (sold separately in packs of four) that should be changed every 2-4 weeks, depending on usage. The process is simple and doesn’t require any special tools, which I love because it means I can handle it myself without needing professional assistance. Easy peasy.

The most you’ll have to do is completely change your water, which is recommended once a month to every six weeks. Doing this is easy; disconnect the chiller hoses from the tub, open the valves, and let it drain. I like to give mine a quick rinse with soap and water when I change the water, too, just to get it extra squeaky clean, but it’s not required.


Is it expensive to ship?

Hydragun’s transparent pricing model includes flat-rate shipping right to your door within a week. No taxes, no hidden fees—just one simple price. Plus, your purchase comes with a free 2-year warranty, the longest on the market, and free 30-day returns with no return shipping or restocking fees.

Are there any tips for those who are new to cold plunging?

Start with a higher temperature, like 50°F, and gradually lower it over several sessions. Begin with less frequent sessions, about 2-4 times a week, and keep them short, around 1-2 minutes. As you get used to it, you can slowly increase both the frequency and duration of your plunges. Take it at your own pace and enjoy the journey!

Do I need to turn off the Permafrost chiller when I’m not using it?

Nope. It’s designed to stay on 24/7 and remains energy efficient. The chiller will automatically switch to power-saving mode when needed, so your Supertub is always ready for action whenever you are.

Final thoughts

I never thought I’d say it but I am now a cold-plunge person. After two consistent months of regular testing Hydragun’s fancy tub, I plunge nearly every other day for as long as 10 minutes in 40°F. Why? Because I… genuinely love it. Yes, the initial shock of near-freezing water is never pleasant but, once I’m able to relax and focus on my breathing, it becomes almost meditative. (And my joints feel amazing afterward, too.) Between its plush, comfy design, versatility, and convenience, plunging has become a new regular ritual in my daily wellness routine. Who woulda thunk?!

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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