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Fort Wayne Airport Takes Flight with New Public Art – Travel And Tour World

Deeptesh Ghosh

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Fort Wayne International Airport

The Fort Wayne International Airport (FWA) unveiled a stunning new landmark today: “Oculus,” a vibrant, 40-foot-diameter art installation by artist Gordon Huether.

A Gateway to Art and Aviation History

“Oculus” serves as a breathtaking gateway for arriving and departing passengers, celebrating Indiana’s rich aviation history and artistic heritage. The artwork features four, 18-foot stainless steel “wings” resembling airplanes, each adorned with laser-cut imagery depicting significant themes of the Fort Wayne region. Passengers can admire images of Johnny Appleseed’s apple tree, musical notes honoring the region’s music legends, and greetings in various languages. The final panel showcases airplanes, tying the artwork to its aviation inspiration.

A Feast for the Senses

The artistry extends beyond the wings. A central oculus, a circular opening, suspends a mesmerizing dichroic glass disk. This disc, treated with metal oxides, creates a dazzling display of colors that shifts throughout the day. The interplay of light, color, and intricate shadows creates a captivating visual experience.

A Space for Reflection and Connection

“The concept for ‘Oculus’ takes inspiration from the fluid and iconic shape of airplane wings,” says artist Gordon Huether. “It establishes a connection for viewers with the history of aviation in the state.” Benches nestled beneath the artwork offer a tranquil space for passengers to relax and contemplate the wonder of flight.

Generous Collaboration Brings “Oculus” to Life

The creation of “Oculus” was made possible by the generosity of local Fort Wayne businesses and the Fort Wayne International Airport’s Art Selection Committee. Huether, a Napa-based artist renowned for large-scale installations, has dedicated his career to enriching public spaces with art. “Oculus” undoubtedly adds a remarkable chapter to his artistic legacy and the Fort Wayne International Airport’s story.

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