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Flyer suffers severe burns due to ‘scalding hot’ tea served amid turbulence, sues JetBlue – Times of India

TOI World Desk

A passenger, Tahjana Lewis, has filed a complaint against JetBlue, seeking damages amounting to $1.5 million for severe burns allegedly caused by a cup of “scalding hot” tea served during a turbulent flight. The incident reportedly took place on May 15 aboard Flight 2237 from Florida’s Orlando to Connecticut’s Hartford.
According to a report from ABC News, the complaint filed on June 24, claimed that the tea was served while the “fasten seat belt” sign was turned on due to ongoing turbulence, a decision described as “dangerous and hazardous” given the circumstances.
Lewis, who was seated directly behind the passenger who ordered the drink, reportedly suffered from “severe” and “disfiguring” burns on her upper chest, breasts, legs, left buttocks, and right arm, resulting in “disfigurement and scarring on all five burn-affected regions.”
Edward Jazlowiecki, Lewis’ attorney, called JetBlue’s decision to serve drinks during what he described as “serious” turbulence “gross negligence.” He also claimed that the airline failed to provide adequate assistance to Lewis, saying that the crew did not ask if there were doctors on board, did not divert or make an emergency landing, and offered limited help until she disembarked the plane.
The complaint alleges that JetBlue served the beverage “at a temperature that was unreasonably and dangerously hot beyond what is accepted in the food service industry or airline industry.” According to Jazlowiecki, Lewis experienced second-degree and possibly third-degree burns, which may require skin grafting. She sought medical attention at the emergency room immediately after the flight and consulted a skin specialist.
In addition to the physical pain and partial disability, the complaint states that Lewis’ ability to work has been limited, and she has suffered emotional damages. Jazlowiecki also mentioned that the incident was “extremely traumatic” for Lewis’ 5-year-old daughter, who was travelling with her at the time.

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