Fintech leaders from Delhi-NCR decode the ‘datanomics’ of extracting untapped value from data


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With the highest fintech adoption rates in the world, fintech in India has entered a new era. The promising Indian FinTech market is expected to reach $1 trillion in throughput and $200 billion in revenue by 2030 according to a report by EY and Chirate Ventures.

Fintech is also one of the most data-intensive sectors, with its growth being powered by two dimensions of data – the availability of affordable data plans and large sets of customer data in the country. Every day, market data, transaction data, customer data, and reference data inform critical investing, trading and risk decisions. All within an ever-changing landscape of inflationary pressures, market volatility and regulatory demands.

For many fintech players, siloed records and technology architectures can be cumbersome, along with competing data models, security, and governance challenges which can limit the data’s full potential.

Data strategies and emerging tools for efficiencies at scale

Fintech in rapid-scale mode may have started on their data journeys but often struggle to break through the hype and fit the disparate parts of the data puzzle together to deliver the digital success they hoped for. To help fintech players better understand the nuances of data and explore how growth mode scale-ups can improve their data posture and leverage modern and emerging tools for efficiencies at scale, YourStory is hosting a specially curated closed-door roundtable on November 25, 2022, in Delhi-NCR together with Snowflake and Nihilent.

A wealth of fintech and data thought leaders

The roundtable will bring together industry thought leaders to deliberate on the Data Cloud and how to extract untapped value from data. The roundtable hopes to discuss key areas of impact for fintech scale-ups including the data economy and what it means in the context of fintech players, evaluating data postures, creating a data culture, developer-friendly data strategies, fintech data playbooks, data and Bharat, emerging data innovations, monetizing data, and more.

The Data Cloud and extracting untapped value from data

Snowflake is leading the way in helping asset management, payment, banking, and insurance sectors fully mobilise data to enable data-driven decision-making and achieve successful business outcomes. Rahul Sharma, the Regional Sales Director for North and East India at Snowflake, who will be representing Snowflake at the roundtable is set to bring board insights on scaling multiple workloads across different lines of business, data access and collaboration, security and governance capabilities and leveraging the interconnected global ecosystem to unlock better value from data at scale and also enable business-critical workflows for fintech players.

The next giant leap in data and analytics maturity

Nihilent is a global change-management authority in using human-centred approaches for problem-solving with a sharp focus on customer research, process and technology to enable newer heights of business performance. Rajeev Dev, the head of Nihilent’s Digital ERP Practice, will share insights on how to leverage your complex data with data science to make the next giant leap in your data and analytics maturity. He will speak about evolving beyond the capabilities of traditional BI and making better decisions by analysing massive amounts of data in real-time.

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