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FC-Ormax Power List of Technicians 2024: Bosco-Caesar

Team FC

In a time when mainstream Indian cinema’s long-standing tradition of song-and-dance sequences seems to be sidelined into the end credits, Bosco Martis and Caesar Gonsalves have repeatedly reminded audiences that nothing makes the heart flutter quite like a well-choreographed song. Having started as backup dancers, the duo made their foray into choreography through music videos, using a clever mix of Western dance styles and Indian dramatic flourishes. Since making their debut as choreographers for films with Mission Kashmir, they’ve consistently delivered dance sequences that have been crowd favourites and gone viral on social media. If a song sequence looks cool, more often than not, Bosco-Caesar are behind it. 

The Power List is NOT a ranking and is arranged alphabetically. For more information on the methodology, click here.

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