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FC-Ormax Power List of Technicians 2024: Bishwadeep Chatterjee

Team FC

Sound may be among the less glamorous departments of cinema, but it is one of the more critical components of turning a make-believe world into one that feels immersive. Bishwadeep Chatterjee’s soundscapes are informed by considered research and technical sophistication. For instance, while working on Bajirao Mastani, Chatterjee incorporated the detail of Vedic chanting as part of the soundscape for the Peshwa hero’s home to indicate his orthodox, Brahmin background. Whether it is creating the fantastical world of superheroes in Brahmastra Part One: Shiva or conveying the grit and grime of war in Uri: The Surgical Strike, Chatterjee is able to use sound to lend authenticity to the world of the film and underscore its emotional notes.  

The Power List is NOT a ranking and is arranged alphabetically. For more information on the methodology, click here.

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