Esha Gupta stays fit with this core workout–here’s why you need to try it too


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Shanaya Kumar

Esha Gupta is an enigmatic woman of varied talents. She’s beauty and brains all in one gorgeous package, indulging in the most wholesome of activities and we’re here for it. The Jannat 2 actress is a fitness enthusiast often seen posting her invigorating workout videos on her Instagram. Whether it is hiking, basking in the sun on her lawn or working out with her trainer in the gym, she does it all with visible enthusiasm and vigour. 

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Most people upon hearing the word ‘core’ visualise crunches, bicycle kicks, sit-ups and the works but we can assure you that the core of your body is way more than just washboard abs. Core exercises are essential for maintaining overall physical health and fitness. The areas which include the muscles in the abdomen, back and pelvis, play a critical role in supporting the body’s movements and maintaining proper posture. Not just for aesthetic purposes but building a strong core can guarantee you other innumerable benefits. Here are some of the key benefits of incorporating core exercises in your fitness regime. 

Improved posture and balance 

A strong core can help stabilise the spine and maintain proper alignment, thus, reducing the strain on the neck and back muscles and also giving you better posture. Strengthened core muscles also mean your body can bear its weight better and so there is improvement in your overall balance too.

Enhanced performance 

When indulging in a sport like a tennis, football, basketball or even swimming, one must exert force using the limbs. A strong core ensures that your spine is in a neutral position and is stabilised, thus, rendering you the ability to be able to produce force in such movements safely and more efficiently. 

Increased flexibility 

Those splits that you’ve always wanted to achieve are just a stone’s throw away if you religiously work your core as it improves your range of motion in the lower back and hips. This also helps you gain increased flexibility in your limbs. 

Reduced back pain 

Yes, we empathise with your pain. No matter what your age may be, back pain prevails. A strong core can help alleviate lower back pain by improving your posture and thus, reducing the strain of your body on the back muscles. 

Reduced risk of injury 

Exercising your core can help strengthen the abdominal and back muscles, thus helping you in your everyday movements as well. 

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