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HomeSportsDanish union agrees equal pay deal with FA

Danish union agrees equal pay deal with FA

Danish union agrees equal pay deal with FA

Emily Keogh

Denmark‘s players union Spillerforeningen has put in place a new agreement with the Danish Football Association (DBU) where the men’s and women’s teams will receive equal pay and conditions at tournaments, after the men’s team refused a pay rise.

“When we explained this plan to the football association, they realised it was a generous offer,” Spillerforeningen Director Michael Sahl Hansen told FIFPRO. “The negotiations went smoothly and quickly, and we were both happy to sign this agreement before the start of Euro 2024.

“[The women’s team] are happy that the male players are helping them; however, they agree that the money should not come from the men’s team, but from the DBU. They are looking forward to the negotiations with the football association, which are due to start after this year’s summer.”

Both sets of national team players will also receive the same basic remuneration for national team appearances, and a joint base will be created for mutual use by the men’s, women’s and youth teams. The plan also comes with an insurance coverage upgrade for the women’s team (plus 50%) and men’s under-21 team (plus 40%), funded by a 15% decrease in the men’s team insurance coverage.

The union also arranged that the women’s team and DBU will start negotiations this year instead of 2025.

In 2017, the men’s team offered the women’s side £60,000 ($75,973) a year during their ongoing pay dispute with the DBU. At the time, the DBU’s plan meant the women’s national team were no longer classed as employees.

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