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CISF, BSF reserve 10% constable posts for ex-Agniveers | India News – Times of India

TOI News Desk

NEW DELHI: The chiefs of CISF and BSF announced on Thursday that 10% of constable posts in their forces will be now reserved for former Agniveers, following a Union home ministry decision.
The announcement comes days after Parliament saw furious arguments break out between the opposition and the Centre over the Agnipath recruitment scheme, which is aimed at inducting personnel into the Army, Navy, and Air Force for short-term periods.
While the opposition has demanded that the scheme be scrapped, even the BJP’s own allies such as the LJP and the JD(U) have demanded a review of the scheme.
CISF director General Nina Singh and BSF director General Nitin Agrawal on Thursday detailed the new recruitment plans for ex-Agniveers. According to Singh, the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) will reserve 10% of jobs for ex-Agniveers in all future constable appointments.
“The Union home ministry has taken an important decision regarding the recruitment of ex-Agniveers. Accordingly, the CISF is also preparing the process of the recruitment of ex-Agniveer,” Singh said.
She further explained the specifics, noting that physical tests will include exemptions for former Agniveers and there will be age relaxations.
During the first year, the age relaxation will be five years, while in subsequent years, it will be three years.
“Ex-Agniveer will be able to take advantage of this and the CISF will ensure that. This will be beneficial for the CISF too as the force will get trained and disciplined personnel,” Singh told DD News.
The Agnipath scheme, rolled out in June 2022, seeks to lower the age profile of the armed services. It recruits youths aged 17-and-half to 21 for four years, with 25%t of them being retained for an additional 15 years.
Opposition parties, including the Congress, have criticised the scheme, questioning the future of the 75% of Agniveers not retained after their four-year tenure.
Various central government agencies and departments have announced plans to recruit former Agniveers, who are seen as experienced and disciplined personnel.
“They got four years of experience. They are fully disciplined and trained personnel. This is very good for the BSF as we are getting trained soldiers. After short training, they will be deployed along the border,” said BSF director General Agrawal.
Agrawal emphasized that all security forces would benefit from recruiting ex-Agniveers.
“We are waiting for them to be deployed after giving conversion training, they will be deployed. 10 per cent of the total vacancies will be reserved for them,” he said.
He also confirmed that age relaxations would be provided, with the first batch receiving five years of relaxation and subsequent batches getting three years.
“There will be age relaxation for them as well. The first batch will get five years of age relaxation and the subsequent batches will get three years of age relaxation,” Agrawal told DD News.
The systematic planning to integrate ex-Agniveers into the CISF and BSF is part of a broader strategy to utilise their skills and training for national security roles, addressing both operational needs and career continuity for these individuals.

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