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HomeEntertainmentBTS Jungkook's ‘coming soon to cinemas’ update leaves ARMYs dumbdfounded: ‘Explain yourself’

BTS Jungkook’s ‘coming soon to cinemas’ update leaves ARMYs dumbdfounded: ‘Explain yourself’

Following the cinematic premieres of BTSJ-Hope and Suga‘s solo documentaries, chronicling their artistic origins, the group’s youngest member, Jungkook, is also headed to the theatres.

BTS' Jungkook, as seen in Standing Next to You music video.(YouTube / HYBE Labels)
BTS’ Jungkook, as seen in Standing Next to You music video.(YouTube / HYBE Labels)

On Thursday, July 11, the South Korean music act’s official social media pages posted a cryptic teaser image titled “Jung Kook: I Am Still.” The brand-new reveal came along with the message “Coming Soon to Cinemas!” and left fans speculating about what this drop would entail. Officials slipped away right after releasing this latest update without giving away more information.

Expectedly, the shocking reveal had the fandom clawing for clues as the astounding news had them questioning the move.

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What is the new “Jungkook: I Am Still” update about?

Comments like “Wait What” and “Explain Yourself” soon started trending on X/Twitter while ARMYs awaited solid confirmation about the upcoming project. Meanwhile, the South Korean multiplex cinema chain CJ CGV also took to their social media profiles and shared the same dark-themed and grainy image teaser, flashing the text “Jung Kook I AM STILL.”

Inevitably drawn guesses led many fans to believe that a solo Jungkook documentary film would be out soon. Despite the latest news dropping out of the blue, ardent fans would be familiar with the BTS ‘maknae’ previously teasing a similar project in the works.

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While promoting his solo debut album, “GOLDEN,” the “Standing Next to You” hitmaker made his highly anticipated guest appearance on his bandmate Suga’s variety show, Suchwita. At the time, he announced that he was already filming a documentary that follows the musical process from his pre-release single “Seven” to making his full-length album.

If the upcoming project aligns with his previous revelation, then “Jung Kook: I Am Still” would visually memorialise the ambitious production process of his debut studio album, which came out in November 2023, capturing his “golden moments” as a solo artist.

Prior to his official solo debut, the beloved BTS member was avidly renowned for his self-directed and produced travel video series called “Golden Closet Films” (GCF). Fans’ speculation also bordered around the possible revival of the brand with this new project. The mystery will be lifted soon, as more details are awaited.

The “Seven” crooner recently also landed a joint travel show gig with Jimin. Their healing reality show “Are You Sure?” is set to premiere on Disney Plus on August 8, 2024.

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