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Brace yourself, Neptune retrograde is here

Meg Walters

We hate to break it to you, but we are, in fact, smack dab in the middle of another retrograde. Why, oh why must the planets plague us like this, you may be thinking. But fear not: Neptune retrograde isn’t quite as energetically unsettling as its cousin, Mercury retrograde.

“Astrologically any retrograde is a time for review and rebalancing,” says astrologer Alicia Orre. “Unlike our quickest planet, Mercury, that retrogrades three times each year — apparently causing chaos and disruption in travel and communication — Neptune’s journey is much slower, sliding backwards a few degrees over five months, so the disruption is less jarring, and more transformative.”

While Neptune retrograde may not be quite so disturbing as a Mercury retrograde, it may still leave you feeling just a little ‘off’ in the weeks and months to come.

What is Neptune retrograde?

A quick science recap: the planets never go backwards (duh) – but sometimes, from Earth, it looks as though they pivot and move backwards in the sky. Neptune retrograde occurs once a year and lasts almost six months.

“Neptune is the planet farthest from the sun and has a 165 year orbit meaning that it moves incredibly slowly through the constellations,” explains Orre. “A planet is in retrograde when it appears to backtrack across the sky from east to west — the opposite direction of its usual forward motion. All the planets have retrograde periods.”

This year, Neptune retrograde began on July 2. It is due to last until December 7.

What does the Neptune retrograde mean for us?

Although the Neptune retrograde will be softer and calmer than the chaos of a Mercury retrograde, it is likely to leave you feeling a little unbalanced.

Neptune is the planet of illusion, often associated with deception or loss,” says Orre. “It holds a dissolving, boundary-less quality, so the structures or habits we rely on can fall away now.”

Although losing your sense of structure can feel destabilising, it can be a time of healing.

“It may seem negative, but it doesn’t have to be,” she says. “Neptune is healing, and encourages us to be more compassionate and loving, embracing the idea of universal energy or one-ness. It is what does not serve us that disintegrates.”

As such, this may be a time of facing certain truths about your life.

“Neptune in retrograde it will serve us all a reality check,” says Orre. “The rose-tinted glasses are removed — suddenly things become clear. It can feel like a wake-up call.” This may feel strange at first, but hopefully, it will help you “find the balance between the illusion we have believed, and real life.”

This particular Neptune retrograde has added significance because this will be its last retrograde in Pisces, its ruling sign. In other words, it’s about to leave “home” after 13 years. In March 2025, it will enter Aries.

Embracing the Neptune retrograde

So, how can we embrace all of the eye-opening, destabilising energy of the Neptune retrograde?

The first step is to commit to being honest with yourself. What illusions have you been clinging to? Which truths have you been avoiding?

“With illusion being Neptune’s signature, we want to use this time to take inventory of life areas that we have avoided, or where we have deceived ourselves,” says Orre. “This will largely depend on our individual astrology and where the mutable signs fall within it.”

Orre suggests practicing techniques that help you confront your inner self, such as yoga, meditation or other spiritual practices. “With self compassion, understanding and curiosity, the next few months can help us individually and collectively transcend into a greater sense of love, peace and unity for all, starting with ourselves,” she says.

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