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Bing Chat Now Won’t Make You Wait for Access

Bing Chat Now Won’t Make You Wait for Access


Arol Wright

Bing saying hello

Microsoft entered the generative AI space with the big guns, including a complete revamp of Bing to include an AI chatbot that can help you do anything you want. After revealing that the chatbot uses the just-announced GPT-4, Microsoft is seemingly removing the waitlist to use the feature.

You can check out Bing’s AI chat without needing to join a waitlist, at least for the moment. Just head to Bing and click on the “Chat” shortcut to get started. I tried it out and it still prompted me to join a waitlist, but once I clicked that, it immediately gave me access to the Chat option. It might not work for everyone, though — in a statement to The Verge, Microsoft refused to say outright it removed the waitlist, going on to say that it’s “running various tests which may accelerate access to the new Bing for some users,” but that it remains in a preview stage.

From there, you can use the chatbot’s many features — ask it questions, tell it to help you out with something, or just joke around with it and tell it to come up with some jokes or a funny poem. The limit really is your imagination. Given it’s still in a preview stage, it might still mess up occasionally, so don’t be surprised if it does happen.

You can try out Bing Chat at the Bing site, or from the new sidebar in Microsoft Edge.

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