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Best Crypto to Buy Today, 8 December – IMPT, TWT, D2T, GMX, RIA

2022 has been a rocky year for the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin’s value has decreased more than 74% since its peak in November 2021, and most other cryptocurrencies have lost even more value during that time. 

However, this isn’t the first instance where cryptos have taken such a severe hit. In fact, this is Bitcoin’s fourth crash by at least 70% during its nearly 14-year history. After each of these prior crashes, both Bitcoin and the wider crypto market rebounded and grew much larger than they were before the market plummeted.

In other words, even though most people buy crypto when prices are high and sell when they’re low, bear markets are actually the best time for investors to start taking positions, ideally through dollar cost averaging or presale buys.

Below are a few of the best cryptos to buy today, December 8, including some that are in presale: (IMPT), a carbon offsetting and climate change initiative, is nearing the completion of its token presale after raising over $16.1 million in two months. The presale looks like it will raise considerably more before finishing on Dec. 11 with over $1 million raised in the last 24 hours alone.

The project connects users to hundreds of environmental projects globally, working with thousands of well-known retail brands that donate a designated portion of each sale on the platform towards the projects.

The IMPT token will be listed on exchanges at $0.0253, which is 10% higher than the final presale price. Exchanges LBank and Changelly have already confirmed listings, with seven more exchange listings currently underway. allows users to be rewarded with NFT-based carbon credits for shopping from affiliate brands, which they can then sell or use to retire/burn for unique rewards.

Not only do shoppers receive IMPT tokens when they make a purchase, but a portion of their spend will also be donated to an eco-friendly project working to fight climate change. Credits not retired can also be exchanged on the IMPT marketplace.

IMPT’s cutting-edge platform has already partnered with major brands including Netflix, Microsoft, Amazon, Samsung, Macy’s and Dominos.

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Trust Wallet Token (TWT)

TWT is currently up by nearly 8% today, trading at $2.62 per coin as of writing. Last week’s gains of 21.88%, from $1.99 to $2.429 set TWT up for continued growth this week.

Trust Wallet, a wallet app that enables users to own their digital assets, saw its native token, TWT, skyrocket after CZ, the CEO of Binance, reminded the cryptocurrency community in a tweet that self-custody is vital after the FTX downfall.

As TWT continues to make its move, support is established at the current range low of $1.84 to $1.93, and traders are advised to adjust their strategies to implement trailing stops in the event that the price moves further up.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Crypto traders and investors are excited for the upcoming launch of Dash 2 Trade, a new trading and analytics platform that is expected to launch soon.

Due to the recent FTX scandal, Dash 2 Trade has seen a surge of interest in its tools that help detect crypto scams. As a result, the team has announced that their platform will be launching sooner than originally planned and that the token presale will be cut short. Originally, 665 million D2T tokens were going to be sold over 9 stages of the presale, but this has been reduced to only 4 stages with 262.5 million tokens being made available.

  • The platform, launching soon, will include the following features:
  • Buy/sell trading signals
  • Social sentiment analysis
  • On-chain analysis for identifying trending coins
  • Social trading tools that make it easy to try new strategies.
  • Presale crypto scores to assess crypto presales

Most of Dash 2 Trade’s functions will require the use of D2T tokens, which is anticipated to result in a high demand for the token. So far, the D2T token presale has raised $9.1 million and 68% of tokens have been sold.

The beta Dash 2 Trade presale dashboard will be coming out shortly. To prepare for its release, the site was recently updated with new visuals, including pictures of the dashboard and a side-by-side comparison matrix showing Dash 2 Trade’s features compared to its competitors. You can also learn about the team behind the project on the website now.

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As people turn their attention to other decentralized exchanges in the market, GMX, the native token of the GMX DEX, is another coin that has benefited massively from the FTX fiasco. GMX had a great week last week, opening at $43.12 and closing at $59.12, for a total gain of 23.54%. GMX is currently sitting at $53.57, down by 1.42% for the day so far.

As the cryptocurrency slows its potential move to the upside, the price has observed a retracement to the fib 0.236 level and the support area of $50 this week. The current resistance is at $60 with the next possible target set at the extended Fibonacci level of $66 for a potential 13% upside swing.

Calvaria (RIA)

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is an NFT battle card game that allows players to earn rewards by playing. The game is becoming popular with crypto investors who see huge potential in its unique game mechanics and potentially addictive gameplay.

In Calvaria, players use cards representing different characters within an after-life-themed realm made up of three factions. Each character has unique abilities and a 3D character model that takes the battlefield when the card is played.

The game will have both a free-to-play version and a play-to-earn version, with a focus on onboarding players from the free version into the paid version by showing them the potential of gaining rewards and getting involved in the trading community.

NFTs can be bought and traded using RIA tokens in the game’s internal marketplace. Those who hold the digital asset have governance power over the game’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Furthermore, the token can be staked by those interested in generating extra income passively.

An experienced team of developers is currently working on the game, using the Polygon Network to create an immersive play-to-earn and NFT trading experience. The game has already garnered support from a growing community of investors, raising $2.4 million in its presale with only 23% of tokens left out of the $3 million goal. Developers are ending the presale earlier than originally planned, with only 150 million tokens available instead of 300 million.

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