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Beam CBD Oil Review, From An Editor Who’s Been Using It For Years

Carleigh Ferrante

I have to say, I felt the impact of hemp extract CBD the very first time I tried it. I quickly realized that I actually had been a bit tense and worried, but I simply wasn’t acknowledging it. I tried one serving of Beam’s CBD on the morning of a big meeting at work, and I was shocked by how at-ease I felt throughout the day.* I soon grew accustomed to the sense of calm—enough so that I began taking the CBD oil every day. And that’s not to say I was a moody person before, but I swear I felt less bothered by little stresses throughout the work day, too.*

From a training perspective, over time I realized that my body was bouncing back much faster after tough workouts and long runs. Whether this was from the CBD oil’s support for my body’s inflammatory response, or the fact that it was improving my sleep by helping evoke a sense of calm before bedtime, I can’t be sure.* But I do know the impact was so significant that I even decided to take a dropper full before my next marathon, and I shaved nearly 10 minutes off my personal record. Plus, I also qualified for the Boston Marathon, which is no easy feat.

It came at no surprise to me when professional athletes like Danica Patrick, Brooke Wells, Billy Horschel, and Colleen Quigley started using Beam’s products for better sleep, recovery, and performance.* Some have even chosen to invest in the brand.

My only qualm? The price. With higher quality, comes higher costs. Beam’s products are on the expensive side, but there are subscription savings available, which I have been utilizing for years.

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