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AWS and Intel’s new initiative The Bharat Innovators Series to acknowledge changemakers

Surya Kannoth ( )

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Intel have joined hands to introduce the Bharat Innovators Series, a fresh initiative that seeks to identify and acknowledge pioneering businesses that are driving positive change. The programme’s primary objective is to highlight and assist businesses that leverage technology to tackle intricate challenges while propelling social and economic development.

The Bharat Innovator Series is hosted by AWS, Intel and YourStory to create a dialogue between public and private sector players on a common platform, discuss technology opportunities, identify challenges, and find synergies for the future.

The programme has already hosted a couple of webinars and fireside chats with the edtech sector in focus. The first webinar aimed to portray edtech as a viable industry creating value across borders, uplifting skills and helping students achieve a comparative learning ecosystem. The webinar featured eminent speakers such as Mihir Gupta, Co-founder and CEO, Teachmint and Ranjan Kumar, Co-founder and CFO, Learnyst in conversation with the moderator Madan Padaki, President, TiE Bangalore. The speakers spoke at length on the value that edtechs are creating today and its potential to make a difference in India and on global shores.

The second of the edtech series featured the founders of Vedantu, one of India’s prominent edtech startups that has been working in the K-12 and test prep stage. Delving into the topic ‘Education 2.0: How Indian edtechs are revolutionising academics globally’, Vamsi Krishna, CEO and Co-Founder, and Pulkit Jain, Head of Innovation and Co-Founder, Vedantu, were in conversation with Sunil PP, South Asia Lead – Education, Space, NPOs, Channels & Alliances, Amazon Web Services (AWS). The founders of Vedantu emphasized the impact of Indian edtechs in revolutionizing the education sector, and highlighted the company’s contributions towards enhancing the quality of the learning system. The discourse also touched upon Vedantu’s adoption of innovative methodologies, prioritisation of the hybrid learning model and its commitment to making education affordable and accessible.

The initiative will highlight innovative changemakers from different sectors across the length and breadth of the country – including edtech, healthtech, fintech, govtech among others. It will feature a series of events, including virtual and in-person events, networking sessions, and workshops.

On Bharat Innovators, listen to policymakers, government heads, and technology leaders on how they are facilitating technology disruptions that are making Indian public sectors agile, scalable, and accessible to citizens.

To all stakeholders, founders, experts, entrepreneurs, business and technology heads, decision makers from the segment, the programme will offer a platform to understand how public and private sector collaborations are facilitating an unprecedented change that is poised to catapult India on a global stage and set examples for the world to follow.

The series will also showcase innovative startups and their founders, providing them with a platform to share their stories, talk about the challenges they faced, and discuss the opportunities that lie ahead.

In addition, the series will serve as a resource hub for founders and entrepreneurs looking to take their businesses to the next level. AWS and Intel will host virtual events featuring industry experts, who will share insights on how to leverage technology for better business outcomes, facilitate collaboration between stakeholders and transcend towards a mindset of harnessing the cloud to drive the digital India dream forward.

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