Avaana Capital: Only Indian VC in CTVC’s 2023 Climate Tech List


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Avaana Capital, an Indian venture capital firm, has made it to the definitive list of venture capitalists most active in climate tech deals in 2023, according to the Climate Tech Venture Capitalists (CTVC) survey. This recognition is a testament to the firm’s commitment to investing in future market leaders that leverage technology-driven innovation to catalyse climate solutions and sustainability.

CTVC’s Role in the Climate Economy:

CTVC is the leading source of information on the new climate economy, providing data-driven perspectives to over 50,000 investors and operators in the field. Through their work, CTVC enables businesses to innovate and tackle climate change effectively. The recent survey, which features Avaana Capital, highlights the growing importance of venture capital in supporting climate and sustainability-focused startups.

Avaana Capital’s Focus on Climate Solutions and Sustainability:

Avaana Capital’s mission is to provide capital for startups that are at the forefront of tech-led innovation, creating climate solutions and promoting sustainability. By doing so, the firm seeks to deliver exponential returns on investments. Avaana Capital’s focus sectors are broad, ranging from energy and resource management to mobility and supply chains, as well as sustainable agriculture and food systems.

Energy and Resource Management:

Avaana Capital invests in startups that are transforming the way energy is stored and distributed, with an emphasis on decentralised and renewable energy sources. The firm also supports carbon sequestration projects, smart grids, micro grids, and initiatives in land, water, and air management, as well as climate data and reporting.

Mobility and Supply Chains:

Recognising the potential impact of technology in supply chains, Avaana Capital backs startups that work on supply chain digitisation, sustainable sourcing and processing, Industry 4.0, AI in transport, and the electric vehicle ecosystem.

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems:

With a focus on creating a more sustainable food system, Avaana Capital invests in startups that develop sustainable inputs, climate-resilient processes, precision agriculture, alternative protein sources, regenerative agriculture, and circular platforms.

Avaana Capital’s Global Recognition:

Being featured on CTVC’s 2023 list of top venture capitalists active in climate tech deals is a significant achievement for Avaana Capital. As the only Indian firm on the list, Avaana Capital has demonstrated its dedication to addressing climate change and sustainability issues through strategic investments in innovative startups.

Avaana Capital’s recognition by CTVC in 2023 highlights the vital role of venture capital in fostering innovation and driving progress in climate solutions and sustainability. By investing in future market leaders in the sectors of energy and resource management, mobility and supply chains, and sustainable agriculture and food systems, Avaana Capital is championing a greener, more sustainable future for India and the world.

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