Home Uncategorized Aryan Khan spotted with DJ Martin Garrix ahead of Mumbai show. Watch

Aryan Khan spotted with DJ Martin Garrix ahead of Mumbai show. Watch

Aryan Khan spotted with DJ Martin Garrix ahead of Mumbai show. Watch


Aryan Khan was spotted with DJ Martin Garrix backstage during his Mumbai show, as the duo were seen chatting near the side of main stage. DJ Martin Garrex is on his biggest India Tour this month, performing in the country after 2018. The Dutch DJ and recorder performed in Mumbai on March 8. (Also read: Allu Arjun grooves to Pushpa song O Antava as he joins DJ Martin Garrix on stage at Hyderabad show, crowd goes wild)

In the video that has been posted by a paparazzi account on Instagram, Aryan Khan was seen in a white shirt by the side of the main stage with other crew members. Aryan stood there by the steps and was spotted chatting with DJ Martin Garrix. In the video. both Aryan and Martin shook hands first and were then seen engrossed in a chat as Aryan tried to explain something with his right hand and point towards a direction.

A few days ago, actor Allu Arjun had joined DJ Martin Garrix on stage during his Hyderabad show, and the two grooved to the song Oo Antava Oo Oo Antava from the Telugu actor’s film Pushpa: The Rise. The actor also took to Instagram and shared a couple of photos with DJ Martin Garrix from the Hyderabad event. In his caption, Allu Arjun wrote his famous punch dialogue from Pushpa. His caption read, “What a fun night. Oo Antava with @martingarrix. Hyderabad Thaggedele.”

In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, DJ Martin Garrix had said, “I have been looking forward to this (coming to the country for multi-city performances) for a very long time. I can’t wait to be back in India and party together with all the fans. I think especially after the pandemic we appreciate being able to go to live shows even more, so I have definitely been able to feel that in the crowd’s energy the past year.” The Dutch DJ, known for tracks such as Animals and Don’t Look Down, performed in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Mumbai, and will be heading for shows in Kolkata, Delhi and Ahmedabad.


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