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Anjali Menon Revisits Writing Ustad Hotel During Her Pregnancy

Anupriya Raj

“More than anything, it is the physical difference during pregnancy that affected me when writing the script of Ustad Hotel. I started working ten days after my son’s birth and no one knows these things. People in my house would ask me to rest but I had to finish the script. And when you notice Ustad Hotel, the film begins with a pregnant woman and her dreams for a child. Anwar (Anwar Rasheed) had put it forward very beautifully; there is also a bit of dark comedy in that,” recalls Menon. 

Be it Bangalore Days or Wonder Women, the cast of Menon films are always a highlight. She reveals that she doesn’t narrate the story to her actors, and instead gives actors the script to read. “Story narration is a weak area for me. My script will be better than my narration and the film will be better than the script. So I give everyone my script. And most people here have seen my previous work and trust me. I have been really fortunate with actors. They have stood by my side and have shown interest in my process and that is very encouraging for me.” 

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