Amid drama involving Selena Gomez, fans insult Hailey Bieber at Justin Bieber’s surprise concert. Watch


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Justin Bieber made a surprise performance with Don Toliver at the Rolling Loud music festival over the weekend in California. During his performance, the crowd at the festival could be heard shouting out insults about Justin’s wife Hailey Bieber. According to a video shared online, the concertgoers chanted “f*ck Hailey” as Justin and Don exited the stage on Saturday. There has been increasing drama between Hailey and Justin’s ex-girlfriend, actor-singer Selena Gomez, after the former is said to have thrown shade at Selena with a now-deleted post with her friends Kendall Jenner and Justine Skye on social media. (Also read: Selena Gomez urges fans to ‘consider others’ mental health’ amid Hailey Bieber drama: ‘My heart has been heavy’)

Pop Base posted a video on Twitter which showed the crowd first cheering at the end of the performance, and later insulting Hailey. The post was captioned, “Crowd chants “F*ck Hailey Bieber” during Justin Bieber’s surprise performance with Don Toliver at Rolling Loud.” Justin has his back to the crowd as he walks away and later he can be heard saying, “Everybody take a step back please…” as the chants get louder from the crowd.

At the end of February, Selena Gomez had posted some self-deprecating videos of herself on TikTok and Instagram Stories commenting on her face. In one video she said, “I laminated my brows too much.” Later, both Kendall and Hailey posted a picture and a video respectively which was seen by fans as mocking Gomez and her eyebrow gaffe on TikTok.

Hailey’s post, which she deleted, featured her and friends mouthing the words, “I’m not saying she deserved it, but I’m saying God’s timing is always right.” While Kendall and Selena tried diffusing the situation online, fans began commenting on the situation online and Hailey has lost thousands of followers on Instagram.

Selena, who is in New York filming for Only Murders In The Building, announced she was taking time off from social media. She said, “I’m going to be taking a second from social media ’cause this is a little silly. And I’m 30. I’m too old for this. But I love you guys so much, and I will see you guys sooner than later. I’m just going to take a break from everything.”

Earlier this week, Selena posted a new video on TikTok showing herself waving at the camera and mouthing the words, “thank you”. The actor-singer also shared a few comments to her fans stating, “Thank you and love you all so much. I’m deeply grateful for each and every one of you humans. You make me unbelievably happy.” She added, “Please be kind and consider other people’s mental health. My heart has been heavy, and I only want good for everyone. All my love.”

Justin and Selena had an on-and-off romance that went on from 2010 until 2018. Hailey and Justin got engaged in July 2018 and were officially married by the end of the year.

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