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A scent born from the iconic Chanel N°5 is the first to leave its classic shape

Tarini Sood

At night, we make our way to what seems like an unassuming French eatery, Paris Bar, whose street-side patio glows under neon lights. The exterior reminds me of a run-down local cafe in Mumbai, but stepping inside reveals a different world. Every nook is dotted with artwork—grotesque and surreal oil canvas paintings, self-portraits, nude sketches—I find myself feeling somewhat ecstatic, marvelling at the bold candour of the space. Glancing around, it seems like all of Berlin’s art and culture patrons, adorned in their vintage finery and rockstar attire, have convened in a single room,

The next day, we visit Stiftung Reinbeckhallen, a cultural centre, for the launch event of N°5 L’Eau. The vast industrial hangar-like space is starkly different from the buzzing French bar the previous night. Inside, a DJ spins techno beats as we’re guided through an immersive experience. Stepping through a curtain of raindrops that part effortlessly, we enter a room enveloping us in a 360-degree visual display, capturing the essence of the N°5 L’Eau.

The classic flacon of No.5 is believed to have been inspired by a whiskey decanter Coco Chanel once encountered, and it has housed the N°5 fragrance family since 1921.

The reimagined form of the fresher L’Eau juice is smooth, small and transparent, resembling a pebble or a shaft of light. Designed to fit in the palm of your hand, the collector’s item embodies simplicity and functionality for today’s context. The result is an elegant glass vessel that stylishly and conveniently houses the scent. I find myself wondering what Coco Chanel would think of the sleek vial today. Given all I’ve seen, I ponder over evolution as a concept: how we grow, the experiences that shape us, and shifting perceptions. If there’s one thing that’s clear, it is that change is the only constant and we must embrace the call to adapt.

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