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A savoury breakfast can help you avoid brain fog—here’s what you should know

Laura Solla

Breakfast being the most important meal of the day is a maxim we all understand well: it breaks the fast from the night before, preparing us for the day’s activities and energy needs. A proper breakfast stimulates metabolism, stabilises blood sugar levels, and boosts energy, among other physical and mental health benefits. However, knowing this in theory doesn’t always translate into practice. Hectic schedules often lead to rushed or unhealthy breakfast choices—sometimes, the morning meal is just a quick coffee. Biochemistry master’s degree holder Jessie Inchauspé, emphasises the significance of prioritising a nutritious breakfast, highlighting its impact on daily performance.

The golden rule

According to the expert, the crucial step is to stabilise glucose levels early in the morning. “Our brain neurons, are sensitive to glucose spikes, just like the rest of the body. Such spikes can lead to inflammation, glycation, and insulin resistance, contributing to symptoms like brain fog—loss of cognitive abilities such as memory, concentration, language, or reasoning—and potentially increasing the risk of diseases such as Alzheimer’s,” he warns. “To safeguard our brain health, proper nutrition is paramount.”

To mitigate the glucose spikes mentioned by Inchauspé, it is vital to begin the day with a savoury breakfast rich in protein and healthy fats, avoiding anything sweet except for whole fruits (if desired) towards the end of the meal. “If you experience sugar cravings, chronic fatigue, brain fog, poor sleep, skin issues, or simply feel like you could feel better, stabilising your glucose levels can be beneficial. Given that a significant proportion of the population experiences unstable glucose levels (some studies suggest up to 80% of people), opting for a savoury breakfast may offer considerable benefits.”

According to the biochemist, an ideal breakfast might consist of a 2-egg omelette with feta cheese and tomatoes, a combination he particularly enjoys. This meal is designed to provide a complete balance that prevents glucose spikes, which often lead to subsequent energy slumps and cravings, while also keeping us feeling full and energised throughout the morning. It’s important to note that this example is just one option and doesn’t imply that this exact combination should be eaten every day, nor does it suggest that all sweet foods should be avoided entirely.

“You don’t need to eliminate sugar; rather, it’s about learning when and how to consume it to minimise its impact on your health,” advises Inchauspé.

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