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5 tips to plan the perfect summer staycation party

With soaring temperatures and sunny days, summer makes for the perfect weather to relax, unwind and enjoy with your friends at home. Whether you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion or simply want to gather friends and family together for some fun in the sun, a summer staycation party is the perfect way to do it. And with summer as a central theme, there is a vast array of activities you can incorporate into your party. By staying close to home and creating a festive atmosphere in your own backyard, you can enjoy all the benefits of a vacation without the stress of travel. (Also read: Summer travel trends: Top places to visit in India in 2023 )

Summer is the perfect time to gather with friends and family for a fun-filled staycation party.(Unsplash)
Summer is the perfect time to gather with friends and family for a fun-filled staycation party.(Unsplash)

1. Get into the swim of things with poolside fun

A close second to sipping mojitos by the seaside, pool parties are a staple of the idyllic summer vacation. A pool party captures the spirit of summertime fun, whether it is with floating snack trays or games of Marco Polo, a poolside setting ensures you’re diving into the deep end with your party.

2. Be the coolest host around with a well-stocked box of ice and desserts!

Transport your guests back to their childhood summer vacations with a well-stocked box of iced candies and ice cream, and make sure you have enough ice to keep your drinks and cocktails chilled through the party. For a special summer treat, you can even serve golas for your guests as a way to make your party extra memorable.

3. Get the ball rolling on your drinks with a bar full of easy summer cocktails

Nothing says summer quite like refreshing cocktails – these are chilled concoctions that will keep you cool and refreshed. A rolling bar table will let you bring the bar with you and mix your cocktails wherever you like, even right by the poolside. You can also bring home pre-made cocktail mixers and effortlessly keep your party going with delicious bar-style cocktails. The flavours of Mojito and Long Island Tea also make for the perfect summer daytime and sundowner cocktails and are sure to be a refreshing addition to your party.

4. Curate the right list of laid-back and upbeat tracks for a summer jam playlist

The right playlist can transform the mood of a party, so this is a key step to keep your spirits up and energy high. For daytime summer parties, a playlist of beach jams and easy-listening music is ideal to relax to – and you can also include some of your favourite mid-tempo jams from the 80s to the 2000s (Any Vengaboys fans in the house?). Sundowners on the other hand can start at a lower tempo and then ramp up in energy as the night goes on to get everyone on the dance floor. Either way, you get to be the director of your party’s energy!

5. Open your doors to the great outdoors!

Summertime is perfect to bring out your shorts and throw together some games of cricket, volleyball, or ultimate frisbee, or just find a shaded corner to play some cards and chat. When done right in short intervals, not only will this be a great bonding experience for you and your friends- but is sure to make your chilled refreshments taste that much sweeter.

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